Welcome to Raptor Ink!

Thank you for visiting our website.  Raptor Ink is a high energy, take-no-prisioners, social marketing and creative design agency.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding, Graphic Design, and Digital Advertising.  We will design, create, host, and manage your website.  We will create a visual identity and brand for your business that attracts attention and is memorable.  We are masters of the written word and create taglines, punchlines, and digital advertisements that get people's attention so that you can get their business.

Our History

My name is John Bobowicz, or "Jbob" to those in the Java community, and I am the founder of Raptor Ink.  I started Raptor Ink in 2009 as the result of success I had in marketing and design with previous employers.  This lead to demand from friends and past colleagues to help their businesses, improve their brands and online presence. I personally bring over 20 year of experience and accomplishments with top companies from Wall Street, to Silicon Valley, to the Video Game industry.  


We bring a unique combination of technical depth, marketing experience, and a highly creative, innovative perspective. This means we look at things differently.  We know how to get customers and prospects to look at your business differently and make you stand out.  You've worked hard to make your business great.  We will make it obvious.