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Raptor Ink Partners with Go Daddy to provide comprehensive web marketing solutions

Raptor Ink Go Daddy Web Products and ServicesRaptor Ink is excited to announce that we are now a

Social Media Marketing: It's About Relationships

Advertising and Marketing execs are going crazy and can't jump on the Social Media band wagon fast enough.  Best Buy has the whole company tweeting on Twelpforce  , every company on the planet is getting a Facebook page, and it goes on and on.  There is a wide range of results that are being seen and what some of these companies are doing appears quite reactionary, if you ask me.  It feels like a lot of "we need to do this but I'm not sure why" is going on.

Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience

I read a post on RetailCustomerExperience.com  that was an OpEd on Mystery Shopping.  The premise is that mystery shopping isn't enough.  It was a good piece, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.